Summar Collection 2017

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Deals Of The Week

Westpoint Roti Maker 12 Inch

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP: 0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 KEY FEATURES 12" Non-Stick Coating Plates. Compact Size Easy To Store. 2000 Watts. 220V-240V~50Hz High quality Stainless steel

PKR5,000.00 PKR7,899.00

Westpoint Roti Maker 8 Inch

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP: 0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 Highlights:  - Nonstick covering plates  - Stainless steel  - Thermostatically controlled  - Compact size  - Easy to utilize  - Easy to clean  - Easy clean chrome complete body  - Ergonomically composed, solid press handler  - Great for rotis, pani purees and chapatis with clock  - Cool touch handle 

PKR4,000.00 PKR6,000.00

Traditional Embroidered Printed...

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP:0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 Un-Stitch Price: 3,100Item Code: AA-05Style: A-LineColor: Multi-ColorBottom Type: GararaSeason: All SeasonOccasion: FormalFabric: Butterfly Net Crinkal Tishiu-R- Ginza

PKR3,999.00 PKR6,999.00

Elegant Embroidered Grayish...

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP:0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 Un-Stitch Price: 3,000Item Code: AA-03Style: A-LineColor: GrayBottom Type: GararaSeason: All SeasonOccasion: FormalFabric: Butterfly Net Crinkal Tishiu-R- Ginza

PKR3,800.00 PKR5,800.00

Black Embroidered Fashionable...

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP:0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 Un-Stitch Price: 3,000Item Code: AA-01Style: LongColor: BlackBottom Type: GararaSeason: All SeasonOccasion: FormalFabric: Butterfly Net Crinkal Tishiu-R- Ginza

PKR3,800.00 PKR5,800.00

Black Embroidered Stylish...

ORDER CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP:0321-4111612 || 0311-2962241 Un-Stitch Price: 2,900Item Code: AA-02Style: A-LineColor: BlackBottom Type: GararaSeason: All SeasonOccasion: FormalFabric: Butterfly Net Crinkal Tishiu-R- Ginza

PKR3,700.00 PKR5,700.00

Kitchen & Dining

Stainless Steel Meat Mincer


Mince Meat With Ease Aluminium Alloy��Meat Mincer allows you to mince mutton, beef and chicken without affecting the meat quality. It has sharp stainless steel blades with which you can vary the degree of mincing according to the type of dish you want to cook. It assists you...

Anex Handy Chopper


Chop it all! Don't have enough time to chop all the vegetable on your own? Anex is here with a solution to your problem! Get hold of AG-10 Handy Chopper and chop as much vegetables in the most efficient and easy to use chopper, which has 10 workable functions. The stainless...

Nicer Dicer Plus


-Dishwasher-Easy to Store-Low PowerFast Clean HandlingSave OperationEasy CleaningStable ProcessingStainless Steel One Step Precision CuttingFree Home Delivery

Anex Roti Maker 12-Inch


Anex is known to make life easy with its innovative appliances that is exclusively for your convenience. Here's Anex Roti Maker AG-3062 which helps you make soft and round rotis without putting much effort and lighting up your burner in the kitchen. You just need to knead the...

Beauty & Care

Avon Face Massager


- Avon Facial Massager 3 heads- Facial Brush ��� For cleansing of face and neck- Sponge Cleaner ��� Smooth over skin to help remove dead skin cells ��-Massage Head ��� Use on a clean moisturized face in a gentle circular motion

Health & Fitness

Revoflex Xtreme


Buy Revoflex Xtreme in Pakistan Brand new Revoflex Xtreme made with high quality material. Intense, lightweight and easy abdominal training! Train with the Revoflex Xtreme simply five minutes on a daily basis and you��ll reach tremendous results!Features:��The following muscle...

Anti-snoring Chin Strap


The��Chin-Strap��is lightweight and comfortably supports your chin while sleeping. Tested��to be helpful in increasing the quality of sleep while letting the user keep their natural sleeping position. Is the��most effective and widely used device��on the market today. They are...

Luma Smile


Tooth polisher provides professional results at home Removes stains brushing does not Leaves teeth feeling smooth and glossy Use weekly to help maintain a beautiful white smile Five polishing cups included Each polishing cup lasts up to 100 uses Includes our bonus whitener...

Liveup Sports-Steel Push Up Bars


Push-ups are a weight-bearing exercise that is a valuable addition to any strength or body-sculpting routine. They can be performed anywhere, and are not restricted to the super fit or highly trained. Performed by professional football players, military recruits and physical...

Ab ZoneFlex


The Confidence Ab��Zone-flex��is an imperative piece of your home exercise center and key piece of your general workout.Particularly designed to smolder stomach fat, this machine targets both the upper and lower abs and even zones in on the difficult to achieve...

Hot Shapers Magnetic Knee Support


- Easy and comfortable to use.- To solve the four big hidden trouble of knee.- Movement of sprain Injury .- Best use for Old leg knee pain .- Also used for Knee Bone Hyperplasia.- Different heating time required & heat intensity will be different.- After using the product...

Push Up Pump


Get the fitness pump and always stay at the top of your fitness. This fitness equipment is designed to get your triceps, deltoids, abs, buttocks and legs in ideal shape. With fitness pump you can perform a variety of exercises.��.External handle allows variety of movements...



Buy Waxvac Ear Wax Cleaner in Pakistan �� Brand new Waxvac Ear Wax Cleaner made with high quality material.��Waxvac Ear Wax Cleaner��is the safe and effective way to clean your ears. The gentle suction draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear canal. The unique safety...

Royal Posture Belt


Buy Royal Posture Belt in Pakistan �� Brand new Royal Posture Belt made with high quality material. Royal Posture Belt is designed to support your lower back, neck, and spine. Three materials are used to make the support including neoprene, nylon, and a cotton blend. Because...

Yoga Mats

Home & Living

Paint Zoom Sprayer Machine


1.Paint like a pro, quickly and easily. 2.Simple one-touch operation cuts your time and paint cost in half. 3.Advanced spray technology delivers superior, one-coat coverage. 4.Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays. 5.Ultra-light and portable....

Carry Furnishings Easier


��Carry furnishing easier ��is to lift and move items of all sizes. Moving straps��great for your implementation of the division of offices, desks, cabinets, cupboards, Woodworking machines, tubs, mattresses, furniture, household appliances, air conditioning units, hot, cast...

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush holder


One-touch operation, use conveniently. Works for every brand of toothpaste. Keeps your bathroom clean and tidy. Easy installation. No more ��wasted toothpaste. No batteries required. Take out the toothpaste lid and insert the suction inlet. If not tightly inserted, will make...

Soap Magic Sensor Hands-Free Soap Dispenser


Buy Soap Magic Sensor Hands-Free Soap Dispenser in Pakistan �� Brand new Soap Magic Sensor Hands-Free Soap Dispenser made with high quality material.��Soap Magic Sensor Hands-Free Soap Dispenser��is an automatic dispenser that uses an infrared sensor to dispense liquid soap...

Mini Sewing Machine


Mini sewing machine is also known as handy/portable sewing machine. This machine comes with a pedal. The machine can be used with or the without the pedals by just pushing of a button. Just like a pro sewing machine, the new Mini Sewing machine is equipped with a bulb that...

Aluma Wallet

PKR850.00 PKR500.00

-��Aluma��wallet in Pakistan is a durable product, quite resistant to wear and tear, due to��aluminium body. - It is waterproof. The contents inside will be safe from water damage.- Alluma Wallet in Pakistan contains seven expandable pockets.- Ultra slim outer case- Easily...